Three Ways To Make Your Burial Greener

14 June 2016
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog

Even if you do not want to think about it, there is going to come a time when you have a funeral. You can choose to prearrange much of it or at least discuss it with your loved ones, or you can leave the planning all up to them. If you really want to lessen the burden of it off your family, it is a good idea to discuss some of your burial preferences ahead of time. According to a 2015 survey, about 64% of adults aged 40 and over were interested in green burial options. If you are looking to make an impact on the environment even after your death, you may want to consider a green burial. Here are some tips for making your funeral more green.

Communicate Your Wishes

If you think you would like a green burial, you must make your wishes known. This means talking to your family and friends about what a green burial means to you. For some, they may consider a cremation instead of a traditional burial, while others may want a biodegradable casket. Since green burials are not performed at every cemetery and funeral home, you want to be specific about what you would like done. This includes talking to a funeral professional about your different options for a green burial. 

Choose a Living Marker

A cemetery plot can range in price from $1000 to $4500, depending on the location. If you are looking to have a greener burial, then you may want to skimp on the permanent headstone and look for something a little more environmentally friendly and cost effective. A living marker allows your loved ones to have a place to come and visit but uses something that is earth friendly. For example, a tree or bush that can be visited can be used in place of a headstone. Additionally, you can choose to do an online memorial that allows people to pay their tribute to you as needed. 

Skimp on Liners and Embalming

There are a number of states that now allow you to skimp on the embalming process altogether when you die. Since these fluids are filled with chemicals, you may want to choose to do a closed casket and quick burial so you do not have to worry about the whole embalming process. Also, you want to discuss with the funeral professional about opting out of the liner within the coffin. This helps keep these materials out of the ground for a greener burial. 

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