3 Ways ABA Therapy Can Help Your Autistic Child

21 October 2022
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Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism? Do they struggle to complete basic functions or tasks like getting dressed, communicating, or interacting with others? Despite all the research into autism, it is still a largely mysterious condition. Many kids with autism have wonderful personalities and unique traits, but they also struggle with basic activities. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is a proven, effective way to help autistic kids learn basic skills and mechanisms that can make life easier for them and their loved ones. Read More 

Modest Main Event: How To Make A Homecoming Dress Modest

18 July 2016
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When it comes to formal dresses for teens and adults, many are made in strapless or tank top options. All sorts of dresses from mini dresses, to bridesmaid, to ballgown are made with strapless or they are made to be form fitting. If your daughter is looking for a modest option as a homecoming dress, it can be more difficult to find an option that fits your needs immediately. Here are some ways to make alterations and additions that can give you the perfect homecoming dress. Read More 

Don’t Shrink From The Truth: 4 Things You Should Know Before Going To Therapy

15 June 2016
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Counseling can help people cope with everything from the stresses of everyday life to major losses and everything in between. It's a valuable tool to empower someone to cope and get more out of life. Before going to your first counseling session, it's important to learn how to get the most out of your sessions. These things can help you more fully embrace the luxury that counseling truly can be. Read More 

Three Ways To Make Your Burial Greener

14 June 2016
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Even if you do not want to think about it, there is going to come a time when you have a funeral. You can choose to prearrange much of it or at least discuss it with your loved ones, or you can leave the planning all up to them. If you really want to lessen the burden of it off your family, it is a good idea to discuss some of your burial preferences ahead of time. Read More 

2 Tips For Making Your Biological Children Feel Comfortable With Placing Your Baby Up For Adoption

10 May 2016
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Putting your child up for adoption is a life-changing decision that can often be difficult to make. This decision can be even harder when you already have biological children of your own. During this process, you will have to try to explain the adoption process to your biological children. It can be difficult for many children to understand why their baby brother or sister will be living with another family. While already having kids of your own can make the process more complex, you can still make the process as smooth as possible. Read More