Modest Main Event: How To Make A Homecoming Dress Modest

18 July 2016
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog

When it comes to formal dresses for teens and adults, many are made in strapless or tank top options. All sorts of dresses from mini dresses, to bridesmaid, to ballgown are made with strapless or they are made to be form fitting. If your daughter is looking for a modest option as a homecoming dress, it can be more difficult to find an option that fits your needs immediately. Here are some ways to make alterations and additions that can give you the perfect homecoming dress. 

Get a matching fur half jacket

If your daughter has found a gown that she enjoys but the top of the dress is not suitable, it is possible to spice this up. For homecoming, she can wear a fur half jacket that covers her arms, yet does not extend past her bust. This will give her a cool year modest option for a formal dress that can be worn without worries of dealing with a revealing strapless top. 

Wear a long sleeve lace shirt underneath

If you want a quick fix for a top being too revealing, you can add or wear a lace top underneath the dress. If you have time, take the dress to a tailor to see if they can attach the lace top to the interior of the top of the dress. This way, when your daughter slips the dress on, it will have a long sleeve lace top that helps with coverage. If there is no time to tailor the dress, Be sure to get a lace top that is tight to the skin and takes up little space underneath the dress. This will make sure that your little girl is comfortable and able to easily move and dance throughout the night. 

Add tulle to the skirt

If everything is right with the dress aside from the bottom being form fitting, there is an easy way to hide your curves, but make the dress fun. You can add a layer of tulle to the outside of the skirt which will cover the dress, similar to a long, formal tutu. This will allow your daughter to be modest and make the dress fun. The tulle can be sheer and layered several times depending on your daughter's wishes. To make a tulle skirt at home, you can wrap the tulle fabric around the skirt of the dress until it meets your daughter's satisfaction. Next, you can add a band around the top of the tulle and sew this together. Add a button in the back so that that the tulle will be properly affixed around the waist all night. The best thing about tulle is that it provides excellent moving space and is breathable, so there will be no discomfort during the dance. Contact a business, such as Bridal Elegance, for more information on professional tailoring.